Feel free to contact Community Partners of Virginia if you have any concerns or questions regarding the management or operation of the Association. Community Partners is under contract to maintain, operate, manage, and supervise the Association. All homeowners should follow the correct protocol for voicing concerns, complaints, and issues. All communication should be forwarded to Community Partners of Virginia by email, phone, fax, or postal mail. In most cases Community Partners will respond to the inquiry. Those issues requiring Board of Director’s action will be forwarded to the Board. Residents should not contact the Board members directly with concerns, complaints, or issues. Following the correct protocol for communication is critical to the proper functioning of the Association. Nevertheless, there may be some issues that are appropriate to voice at a Board of Director’s meeting, which are held monthly. Homeowners will be given an opportunity to speak and voice any concerns during Open Session.

Community Partners of Virginia Contact Information

1730 F George Washington Mem. Hwy
Yorktown, VA 23693

Email Address:

Phone Number: (757) 373-0037

Fax Number: (757) 327-0082


Community Administrator: Dorianne Kozlowski

Community Managing Agent: Sonja Barrett