General Information

Clubhouse, Fitness Center, & Pool

The Reserve at Williamsburg fitness center and pool are for the exclusive use of all the residents who are living at the single family and townhouse portions of The Reserve at Williamsburg.  The fitness center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and access is via a key fob from the side door of the clubhouse. One key fob is provided by the HOA to each homeowner. One additional key fob is available for purchase for a fee upon request.  The pool area is generally open from Memorial Day until Labor Day every year, from 11 AM until 8 PM daily and is accessible through the gate via the key fob. The three pool gates are to remain locked year round. The pool will be maintained each morning prior to opening, 7 days per week, during the open pool season.  The living room area of the clubhouse will currently remain locked and will not be available for daily use by the residents until such time that the HOA determines procedures for usage and security. This is for the safety of all residents and to enable the clubhouse to be properly maintained and secured until procedures for the operation are set in place.  However, the clubhouse area can be rented for activities (like birthday parties, weddings, etc.) provided there is a signed rental agreement, a waiver of liability, and a cleaning deposit and rental fee paid prior to such use. Please see the link on Clubhouse Rental or contact the HOA management office for more information on renting the clubhouse.  

Lawn Maintenance

Lots will be maintained on a schedule that depends on the time of the year and weather and site conditions.  Currently, the HOA lawn care maintenance contract allows for individual yards to be mowed and trimmed weekly, during the height of the growing season, typically April through October.  Mowing and trimming during other than the peak growing season may be done on an as-needed basis at the discretion of HOA management, however this should only be expected in the event of unusual weather and growth during winter months.  Be aware that rain events will impact the scheduled days that your lawn will be maintained. Please make sure that during the day that any miscellaneous items (i.e. sports equipment, toys, etc.) are removed from your yard. If the lawn care company deems that there are too many obstacles in your yard, or if you have a pet that is left out, or if you have pet feces in your yard, then the lawn care company may elect (at their sole discretion) to not mow or trim you yard on that particular day.   Other services included are: Curb and street edging 16 times per year, hand weeding (shrub beds) 16 times per year, herbicide spraying (beds/pavement) 16 times per year, shrub pruning 3 times per year, tree (less than 12 feet in height) pruning 1 time per years, and an annual nutrient management program including weed control and fertilizer applied twice per year. To the extent an individual resident desires more frequent mowing and trimming, such resident may do so at his or her own cost, subject to compliance with the terms for the Nutrient Management Plan which was included in each Owner’s disclosure package.  

Note to those residents that install rear yard fences: Please make sure that you follow the Architectural Guidelines which require that a 4 foot-wide gate be installed to allow access for the maintenance company to mow or hand trim your rear yard. 

Trash Collection and Recycling

York county Waste Management administers the collection of both trash and recycling.  New residents who experience a delay in receiving containers or receiving service can contact York County at 757-890-3780 or contact the HOA management for assistance.  Trash is collected on Wednesday morning of every week. Recycling is every other week on Wednesday morning, and for the correct week, visit: to view a copy of the recycling calendar (The Reserve at Williamsburg is a “Blue” collection week).  Also note on the recycling calendar those items that are allowed and not allowed for recycling. Please have your trash or recycling container at curbside by 7 AM on collection day.  If there is a holiday that occurs the week of collection, your pick up day will likely be moved one day forward or backward, so on those weeks please visit the County website: (click on “Residents” then “Garbage Collection”) or call 757-890-3780 to find out the exact dates.  All trash containers must be stored away on all “non-collection” days and not be visible from the street.  You may store your containers in your garage or in your backyard. You may also build a small screen fence on the side of your house for storage, provided that you submit an Architectural Change Request application and receive approval from the Architectural Review Committee prior to construction.  

Architectural Guidelines

The HOA seeks to maintain and promote an attractive neighborhood for the benefit and pleasure of all that live at The Reserve at Williamsburg.  To that end, the HOA administers a set of Architectural Guidelines that have been approved by the Board of Directors. A copy of these Guidelines and the Application for Architectural Change is available from the HOA management or at  The Guidelines require that, before any improvements are made to your home or on your property, an Application for Architectural Change must first be submitted, and approval must first be granted by the Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”).  Examples of several items that require approval by the Architectural Review committee prior to installation are the following:

  1.  Any changes to the exterior of your home, including building structure, roof, windows, doors, siding, lighting, etc.  
  2. Any exterior fence, including fences for the sole purpose of screening trash containers.
  3. Any dog house, unless contained within a prior approved rear yard fence and not visible by any adjacent neighbor.
  4. Any shed (even those contained within a rear yard fence).
  5. Recreational and playground equipment, unless contained within a prior approved rear yard fence and not visible by any adjacent neighbor.
  6. Swimming pools (no above ground pools are permitted).

Please review a copy of the Architectural Guidelines for more information.  Residents who do not follow the Guidelines or application process may be subject to penalties under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and pursuant to the Restated and Amended Declaration as administered by the HOA.

When and if you wish to make alterations, please complete the architectural approval form and send the form to Community Partners of Virginia, Inc. who will then forward it to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). 

Payment of Assessment Fee

Reserve Master Association, Inc. is a professionally managed community, Community Partners of Virginia, Inc. is under contract with Reserve Master Association, Inc. to assist the Board of Directors, handle all accounting, administer contracts, and resolve any violations of rules and architectural standards.  

Community Partners of Virginia, Inc. offers the availability of automatic bank account debit for your payment of monthly assessment fees.  Those owners who wish the convenience of having their association fee deducted automatically from their bank account can arrange for this service by contacting Community Partners of VA.  The program is secure and will only take the exact amount of the monthly assessment once at the beginning of each month. You may enroll in or withdraw from the direct debit program at any time.  From the homeowner’s point of view, direct debit means that your assessment is paid on time without any action on your part. You need not worry about late fees, postage, and writing checks, nor the need to pre-pay your assessment if you are planning on being away for a period of time.  

You will receive a monthly coupon book to serve as a reminder for assessment fees for each month unless you choose to make your payment by Direct Debit.  

Community Partners of Virginia

Community Partners of Virginia Contact Information

Address: 502B Strawberry Plains Road Williamsburg, VA 23188

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Phone Number: (757) 378-3212

Fax Number: (757)327-0082